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Auther Allen
PhD. Professor, Associate Research Director, Agricultural Experiment Station; Director of Geospatial Information Technologies Center, University of Maryland Eastern Shore: Water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and focuses on landscape processes, land use and management effects, phosphorus interactions in soil and water, and drainage ditch management in the Northeast Coastal Plain.
Doug Beegle
Gopal Bhatt
Brian Bills
Architect applied informatics solutions (especially web and database) to provide innovative delivery, presentation, and utilization of scientific information. Develop domain science data models, databases, and query/analysis tools.
Joe  Bishop
Beth Boyer
Nutrient sources, transport, and transformations; Watershed hydrology, biogeochemistry, and management; Air Quality; Water Quality.
Rob Brooks
Professor of Geography and Ecology; Director of Riparia at Penn State; wetlands science and wildlife ecology; using science to inform policy, practice, management, and conservation; reference wetlands for assessment, mitigation, and restoration of wetlands and streams; habitat modeling for wetland-dependent wildlife; ecological indicators for wetlands, streams, and forests.
Ray Bryant
Soil management; nutrient loss and effects on water quality.
Tony Buda
Hill slope and watershed hydrology; fate and transport of nonpoint source pollutants; effects of agricultural activities on water quality; decision support tools for nutrient management; impacts of land use and climate change on agriculture and water resources
Amy Collick
Dan Dostie
Conservation Technology Development and Training; Conservation Planning Assistance; Food Security Act Compliance; Conservation Innovation Grants; Soil Health; Comprehensive Nutrient Management and Animal Feeding Operations; Field & Specialty Crop Management; Grazing & Pasture Management.
Chris Duffy
Zach Easton
Variable source area hydrology, SWAT modeling, nutrient transport.
Stuart  Echols
Lara Fowler
Stakeholder engagement, facilitation, dispute resolution; law and policy of water allocation and quality questions.
Fawzy Hashem
Soil Microbiologist and Biochemist;Role of Microorganisms in nutrients cycling; bioremediation and soil, water, and environmental qualities; biological Nitrogen fixation
Hannah Ingram
Heather  Karsten
Armen Kemanian
Blake Ketchum
Front-end website design and development. Bridging the interface between science and visual media.
Pete  Kleinman
Soil and water conservation; nutrient management; water quality; manure management, landscape processes, watershed science.
Haiming Lu
Dale Manty
Eric May
Doug Miller
Felipe Montes
Modeling of agricultural systems, transport processes in the environment, air quality, life cycle assessment, and sustainability of agricultural systems.
Anna Marie  Nachman
Administrative support; student engagement; career services; communication; outreach.
AnneLiese Nachman
Communication; outreach; video; photography; web content; print materials
Mike Nassy
Rich Ready
Claire Regan
Freshwater ecology; macroinvertebrate biomonitoring; land use impacts on water quality.
Tom  Richard
Integration of perennial crops in crop and livestock systems; manure management; agro ecosystem modeling; nutrient cycles; bioenergy; sustainability metrics; climate and agriculture.
Matt Royer
Kevin  Sellner
Director of the CRC, Executive Secretary of the CBP STAC, liaison between regional scientists and management communities.
Gary Shenk
Jim Shortle
Economics; Policy; Incentives for Water Quality Protection and Restoration
Mike Stryker
Gary  Thompson
Kent Thornton
Systems integration/analysis; integrated watershed protection/restoration planning, implementation and management; sustainable water resources management; facilitated/collaborative community engagement, awareness, outreach and education.
Joanne Throwe
Water resources financing, agriculture financing, leadership development, community outreach and education.
Sarah Tzilkowski
Tamie Veith
Haoying Wang
Suzy Yetter
Aquatic macroinvertebrate ecology; river systems; ecological assessments; water quality monitoring.